turned spalted wood bowl

Spalted Turned Wood Bowl

Have you ever had a Porterhouse steak? That cut of meat originated in a late 18th century inn in the little town of Midway, Kentucky, deep in the heart of the bluegrass country and a few minutes from Lexington. In the back yard grew a gigantic silver maple.

Neighbors complained that the tree was too large and if toppled by a storm would damage nearby structures. So they cut it down. I got word of chunks of wood being available some months after the felling. When I got there, the wood was overgrown by grass and weeds and had already begun to decay. I took as much as I could haul but was unable to work it up immediately.

When I did get around to it, I was amazed at the beautiful spalting the wood displayed. Spalting is caused by early fungal attack on the wood and it turns some areas pale and other areas streaked by dark lines. I treasure this wood as I only have a small amount left.