turned cherry wood bowl

Small Wooden Spatulas

These curious objects are wooden spatulas. My deceased father-in-law, who was also a wood worker, said that this was the best of all my treenware. It is deceptively simple in design but so useful.

The edge has a slow sweep and will keep material like boiled milk from sticking to the bottom of the pan much better than a spoon will. The gentle curve of the edge and the flat shape make it an excellent spatula for cleaning curved pan sides. It has a life that is much longer than a rubber spatula, and has the advantage of being stiff and can scrape off foods that are stuck on the bottom of the pan.

It stirs just as well as a spoon and when it comes to getting solidified fats out of a container, it has no peer. The end is wide so it holds a good quantity but because it is flat you can scrape the butter or ghee off cleanly by drawing the spatula across the rim of the pan. This solves the problem of getting fat on your finger when you push it off of the spoon bowl

My wife agrees with her father's assessment. She uses three of these to fix every meal. Some times the simplest tool is the most valuable one.