cherry urn

Cherry Urn

have the greatest mother-in-law that you could ask for. So when she asked me to make something for her ashes after she passes I could not refuse. She said just a square box with a lid would be fine. She wanted it arranged ahead of time so that no one would have to deal with that detail when she is gone. That tells what a thoughtful and considerate person she is.

I made some attempts at making a box with dovetail joints but it was just too plain to suit such a fine person. Below is the urn I came with. David Ellsworth showed me one he had done when I took a seminar with him in January of 2009. I took a picture of it but then could not find it in my computer. So this is an adaptation. Actually this was my third try. Doing a large vessel that is hollow is a bit of a learning curve. I was using green cherry given to me by Father Tom Cerulo who runs the facility where we run weekend residence courses in Baltimore for those who have learned the TM technique. The first two attempts split when they dried as I had not gotten the base thin enough. This was the third attempt.