butternut wood hollow form turning

Butternut Vessel

Butternut has such subtle but clearly noticeable variations in color in the heart wood. There is a softness in the colors not often seen in other woods. The design in the rim is the result of a mistake. When I was turning the foot of the vessel I applied too much pressure with the tail stock. This pushed the rim too firmly on the jam chuck at the other end and the pressure cracked the rim. I felt crushed as it was a piece that I found very satisfying as a turner. I set it aside for several months.

Finally I decided to turn adversity into an advantage. I cut out the crack and made a decorative collar for the rim. I think it is better than the plain rim I had intended. What do you think? Over the years I have learned that Nature likes to break our boundaries. Often I find that a "mistake" is just a gentle nudge from Nature to be more creative.

butternut hollow form