peach wood scarf pins

Scarf Pins From Peach Wood

I did a show in Havre de Grace a few weeks ago and one of my good friends and fellow artist vendors gave me some peach wood he had just cut. He grumbled that the peaches were not good and the tree had become a bother.

The wood had been freshly cut and so I took it to my shop and cut up the crotch section on the band saw. The wood was quite attractive to my eye and the above is the result of my efforts.

I make shawl and scarf pins seen elsewhere in this section but some fabrics are too fine to put a turned wooden pin through. These pins are metal and much finer and can be used on tightly woven fabrics. In fact you don't even have to use them on shawls or scarves. You might like to wear them just as a piece of jewelry.