turned cherry wood bowl

Medium Wooden Spatulas

Since these spatulas have a wider edge, they may work better for certain jobs. My wife’s niece, Ellen, was demonstrating how to make English toffee to us. The sugar and butter are heated and stirred constantly to a certain temperature. The heat is high enough to melt the sugar. Any that remains unstirred at that temperature quickly burns.

She found that of the three designs of spatulas depicted on this site, this one worked the best for that purpose. It is interesting how the right tool finds its way to the right job, and no one tool is good for everything. This is why we collect tools.

Having a larger surface area, this style of spatula shows off unusual grain patterns and colors to better advantage than the smaller spatula.

Sometimes people say they are too pretty to use. My feeling is that the tools that we use every day should be beautiful and uplifting. When they are worn out then you get another.

To put up with ugly tools negatively affects the quality of your consciousness which is then transmitted into the quality of the food. Life is too short to clutter up your environment with ugly things. If it is ugly, throw it out.